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Ending Cannabis Stigma through Promoting an Adventurous Lifestyle

ADam FongComment

There’s a lot to be gained from stepping away from our busy lives to get outside and enjoy nature in it’s rawest form. We live in Marin County, CA where Mt. Tamalpais is home to some of the prettiest views in the entire Pacific Northwest — possibly even the world.

With plenty of options to enjoy ranging from hiking, biking, cross training, horseback riding, or even a simple drive up iconic Pacific Coastal Highway One. We are huge advocates of dusting off the boots to destress from the fast paced lifestyle most of us live throughout the week.

As parents, business executives, outdoor enthusiasts, and mostly Type-A personalities we find it important to put ourselves first every now and again— we take a break from what we’re doing and dive into our passions for awhile. We believe if we fail to love ourselves or fail to care for ourselves it has the potential to create greater chaos down the road.

In addition to advocating a nicer life through living a more active lifestyle rooted in our passions, we deliver wellness to your doorstep — in the form of Cannabis. There are few things we’ve found and enjoy more than consuming the right amount of Cannabis with the intent of stepping outdoors to release the inner child inside us all — it’s no surprise kids know how to get the most enjoyment out of life.

So we try to follow suit. There’s no need to complicate it.

Cannabis helps us get out of our heads and into our bodies. It helps us live in the moment; appreciating ourselves, our surrounding, and the people who matter most to us.

It helps us live with a greater sense of gratitude; leading to better relationships, improved physical health, a more stable mindset, less aggression, quality sleep, higher self-esteem, and significant recovery in overcoming trauma.

As cannabis continues to spread it’s reach through legalization across the states it’s important to educate people along the way. We’ve encountered a huge percentage of people who still feel shamed or discomfortable when the subject of cannabis surfaces.

Cannabis stigma and cannabis shame are real issues we see everyday. Together we can help educate one another through speaking up and asking questions. We use cannabis to help bring us back to center —we’d love to know why you consume?

Is it more recreationally? Are you using it to alleviate a health-symptom? Maybe you’re still sitting with mixed feelings and are unsure whether cannabis is meant for you?

If you’re sitting on the fence I’d like to remind you how you can still receive the benefits from the plant without getting high. There’s a huge concern among beginners who fear to start their use because they have anxiety and don’t want it exacerbated.

I hear your concern and am excited to tell you there are options that won’t involve you getting high. I’ll save it for a future post but feel free to get familiar with CBD — Cannabidiol.

Are you curious about cannabis? Would you like to have a general education surrounding the plant, the industry, and how to use it to live a better life?