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Responding To A Fake Post On Nextdoor | Nice Guys News

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Fake Post on Social Media

There was a recent post on Nextdoor the app, that was apparently taken down, regarding Nice Guys Delivery selling cannabis to minors. This was posted by a person that was upset after getting blocked from using our service because he threatened the business and family that owns it.

We take these accusations very seriously. We have NEVER served a minor and we ALWAYS check identification.

He sent us the below text chain on Facebook. It is filled with profanity but I’ve tried to remove as much as possible. I’ve also blurred out his profile as it is sadly his son in the picture.


Don't be like this guy. Be Nice. Kindness goes a long way. We are just humans trying to do our best here at Nice Guys and will go the distance to help our nice customers.

Thanks for reading!