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Cannabis Regulation and Why I Should Care?

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Wondering why some of your favorite products are missing from our shelves?


California Cannabis | 2018

New Rules and Regulations taking effect July 1st

Welcome July, with a new set of rules. If you are one of the unlucky individuals who came to our website looking for a product and were disappointed when you couldn’t find what you were looking for, we’re writing to you. We’re sorry we didn’t have your favorite wellness product, but we’re here to offer some hopeful news – for you, and the entire cannabis industry. There are times when progress feels like it’s halted, and this could arguably be one of those times, but we think it’s a good thing for the industry moving forward. Let us explain.

Back in January, the State of California granted cannabis businesses a six-month grace period to prepare for a new set of regulations to kick-in beginning in July. Last month we offered blowout prices to help reduce the amount of waste potentially caused by the changes. The law states: “Beginning July 1, 2018, cannabis goods must meet all statutory and regulatory requirements. Cannabis goods that do not meet all statutory and regulatory requirements must be destroyed in accordance with the rules pertaining to destruction.”Full report on regulations


Beginning July 1, 2018 requirements include:

  • A licensee may only sell cannabis goods that have been tested and passed all testing requirements in effect at the time of testing.
  • All packaging and labeling must be performed prior to cannabis goods being transported to a retailer.
  • Edible cannabis goods may not exceed 10 milligrams of THC per serving and may not exceed 100 milligrams of THC per package
  • Retailers may only sell cannabis products that meet the requirements set by the California Department of Public Health for ingredients or appearance.

We cannot sell products that aren’t up to new industry standards. Our vendors (offering your favorite products) are going through the proper channels to legally do business. I think we can all agree a little regulation in the hazy landscape of cannabis is a good thing. As parents working in the industry we still fear the potential of products getting into our kid’s hands, so ensuring packages are child-locked, properly labeled, and responsibly used is important to us. There are risks associated with legalizing any drug; for example, coffee becomes dangerous if over-used but that doesn’t mean it should be illegal.

We’ve witnessed the incredible relief cannabis brings someone suffering with illness, and we stand on the side of helping those individuals. Regulations surely aren’t perfect, but if they make it easier for a wider range of people to enjoy a higher quality of life we believe that is something to acknowledge.

From afar it’s easy to look upon the businesses and wonder why t still aren’t prepared to place their products on the market? Six months seems like a long time, but the reality hasn’t been as simple. Rather than looking down upon the chaos I think we should remember a time not too long ago when cannabis was completely on the black market and having the ability to buy any type of weed without being criminalized was something to be desired.

The process of legalization is just that, a process. Please be patient as we work to get your favorite products back on the menu. If you have any questions send us an email or shout out on social – Instagram | Facebook | Twitter