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Do I tip the cannabis delivery driver? Demystifying questions from a new industry

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Tipping Etiquette

How much should I give?

Have you ever wondered whether or not you’re supposed to tip your cannabis delivery drivers? My guess would be yes, as someone who delivered products to our members for over a year, I was commonly asked this very question.

The common pay rate for delivery drivers is anywhere between $10-20/hour; while I delivered I appreciated the tips whenever I received them, but I never planned on them. I always liked to feel as if I were being given a gift whenever I accepted tips from our members; I’ve personally been given anywhere from .05 cents to $100. There really is no range.

The simple answer to the question whether you should tip your driver is completely up to you. Do you tip your barista in the morning? What about a server at a restaurant? In my opinion, tipping reflects your perceived value of the transaction. Were we timely, respectful, helpful, and personable, or could we have been better? Tipping allows you to express your appreciation as a customer.

When reading threads online coming from sources like Reddit, it’s common for people to compare cannabis drivers to pizza delivery drivers. I think this is a good way to look at the situation, at least as a foundation. Often times when faced with the tipping question I liked to tell people we are in the service industry and it’s appreciated, but not required.

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Our drivers are hardworking individuals with likes, dislikes, passions and goals. When we arrive at the door for a delivery we appreciate a friendly hello – it’s nice to feel valued, even from strangers. One of my favorite aspects of being a driver were the relationships I was able to build with our members, but on the flip-side, it never felt good to arrive at the door and feel objectified. If you’re unable to tip kindness goes a long way.

At the National level we are still facing prohibition which has been around for well over 80 years and was created mostly through false accusations and yellow journalism. The result is a dark shadow cast upon the industry, but we want you to feel safe, secure, and valued, so we hire drivers who reflect our mission with every delivery.  

It’s common for first time members to feel uneasy when thinking about ordering cannabis to their homes, but after your first experience with us you’ll quickly see how professional our drivers are and your fear of having a shady character arrive at your door will quickly be dissolved.

When deciding whether to tip or not I believe there are a few things to consider. Was the order accurate and on time? We guarantee a 45-60-minute window for deliveries, but if for whatever reason we’re running behind our drivers communicate directly with you as the customer, so you never have to worry. Did we answer all your questions? If not, did we direct you to a helpful resource where you can find answers? How was our service at the door? Were we smiling and polite? These are all things to consider when tipping your drivers.

We have a $50 minimum for orders, but we charge ZERO dollars in delivery fees. In summing up the question whether you should tip your driver, I’d remind you that it’s not required but greatly appreciated!