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When it comes to shopping for cannabis, you will see that it is often broken down into two strains: indica and sativa. These two types of strains not only look different, but also are believed to provide different effects.

  • Indica: This type of strain has stout, broad leaves, and is often said to be more relaxing and physically sedating. These are perfect for relaxing before bed or to enjoy a movie. If you are looking for this type of strain, the Nice Guys PreRoll: Indica – 1.2g is for you.

  • Sativa: This type of strain has tall, narrow leaves and is often said to be more uplifting and goes well with physical activity and social gatherings. If you are looking for this type of strain, the Nice Guys PreRoll: Sativa – 1.2g is for you.

While cannabis is often grouped into these two groups, most strains are actually a hybrid between the two, and it is very rare to find a plant that is not a cross between the two. Instead they can be categorized by whichever is more dominant. If they are more evenly crossed, that type of strain is called a hybrid. If you are looking for this type of strain, the Nice Guys PreRoll: Hybrid – 1.2g.

If you are just entering the world of cannabis, you may be confused. But don’t worry. When you come to our shop that serves the San Rafael and Mill Valley, CA area, let us know what kind of experience you are looking for and we can give you our recommendation. You can also view our FAQs and our Cannabis 101 booklet for more information.

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