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We made it. April is here and with it come discounts to help ease the burdens being imposed on us by the novel Coronavirus. These are unprecedented times, not only because today is the start of a month long 4/20 tradition which has its roots in San Rafael, but also because we are dealing with a global pandemic. We are offering discounts all month long to help our community during this challenging time.

If you’re anything like us you’ve been looking forward to this mythical moment in time when 4/20 would be extended beyond a day, and would be celebrated for the entire month of April for quite awhile.

Well, today is April 1st, 2020 and it is the beginning of that time and things aren’t exactly how we imagined they would be when we thought about this moment in the past. And no, this isn’t an April fool’s joke. It’s just a really weird moment in time. But we are here to go through it with you, along with reminding you that ‘this too shall pass.’

In 1971 when 4/20 began it was more about the adventure than it was about getting stoned. The ‘420 Waldo’s,’ a group of friends from Marin County, CA were given a treasure map leading to a cannabis grow hidden somewhere in the hills near Point Reyes Peninsula. They met at 4:20 everyday and departed on their adventures.

Today, 4/20 is a global term that people use to associate with cannabis in many ways. Nice Guys Delivery supports it’s customers in whatever unique way they enjoying using the plant. Some people enjoy CBD tinctures, others enjoy edibles, some people prefer vape, and yet others are into exploring different strains. If you fall into the latter group who is canna-curious, I recommend trying the the rare, THCv cultivar Pink Boost Goddess, from Emerald Spirit Botanical.

Due to the “stay-at-home” order that is now extended through May 3rd in Marin County, we are offering discounts throughout the entire month of April. We’ve partnered with some of California’s favorite brands, like Valhalla gummies, Papa & Barkley, Elyon Cannabis and others to help bring cannabis to you at an affordable price.

We are currently offering new members 25% OFF their first purchase. We have a 25% discount on Valhalla gummies that begins April 1st and lasts until Wednesday, April 8th, 2020. Elyon Prerolls are ONLY $6 for the entire month and ALL the Papa & Barkley Releaf products are 25% OFF throughout April. Seniors and Veterans ALWAYS receive 10% OFF their orders.

We recognize that this isn’t an ideal way to celebrate 4/20, as you’d likely prefer to be closer to friends and family, but this is our current reality and Nice Guys aim to always see the best in moments.

Stay home, stay healthy and order cannabis products to your doorstep. We will get through this together! We are grateful to be able to continue serving the community during this challenging time.

In addition to continuing to operate business during the shelter-in-place order we are also working on bringing you a virtual meditation session with one of our Wellness & Anxiety Coaches. Cannabis, conscious breathing, and mindful movement may go a long way in helping you feel more peace, less anxiety and an abundance of joy during this difficult time.

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