Cann Food Drive – Donate 5 Canned Goods, Get 1 Cann Hi Boy


Get a CANN for a Can! Donate today

“Hunger isn’t just a COVID-era problem. And we cannot solve it without the collective action and continued support of our community”

As the Holiday’s approach, Nice Guys wants to bring attention to an issue that hits close to home for many in our community, Food Scarcity & Hunger. According to SF Marin Food Bank’s Hunger Report, an alarming 82% of parents worry about running out of food. While hunger is a worldwide issue, this problem is especially localized in the Bay Area due to the high cost of living. Between 2018 to 2021, the cost of basic expenses rose 19%. A family of four now needs an annual income of at least $153,227 to pay for basic expenses, but two full-time minimum-wage jobs only add up to $58,240* – even at 500% of the federal poverty level, some families are struggling.

Hunger IS Solvable

“…it will take all of us to drive the local and systemic change we need: individuals, community partners, and policy makers. Together, we ensure our neighbors don’t have to choose between paying for rent, utilities, medicine, or food.”

Join the cause!

We’ve teamed up with SF Marin Food Bank and CANN Social Tonics to raise funds and gather donations to combat hunger here in Marin. Through December 24th, our drivers will be equipped to collect canned food for donations upon delivery.

For every 5 donated canned foods, we’ll add a Cann Social Tonic to your order for only a penny!
Just have the cans ready to go when we deliver to you, and we’ll get them donated to SF Marin Food Bank

What May Be Donated? 

Food. “Any processed, or prepared edible substance, ice, beverage, or ingredient used or intended for use in whole or in part for human consumption.”

Grocery Product.
“A nonfood grocery product,including a disposable paper or plastic product,
household cleaning product, laundry detergent, cleaning product, or miscellaneous household item.”

Dont want to deal with all  those Cans? No worries, monetary donations to our Food Drive can be made below!