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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do I need a Medical Recommendation to order in Marin?

In accordance with Prop 64 each city and county has its own set of ordinances. In Marin County, unincorporated Marin and San Rafael are the only two jurisdictions allowing medical cannabis business licenses at this time. Adult-Use sales are currently prohibited so if you’d like to purchase legal cannabis in Marin you must FIRST obtain a Medical recommendation.

Is your delivery service more expensive than going to a dispensary?

No, we are comparable to brick-and-mortar dispensaries while often providing members with more competitive prices than found in store fronts. We'll save you a headache from standing in line, crossing a bridge, or simply having to be out when we can deliver to your door. Order Today!

Why am I paying 4% City Tax?

San Rafael voters approved a business tax on commercial cannabis businesses of 4% of gross receipts. Click here for more details (pg. 5)

How do I order?

First, you need to become a member.  This can be done by filling out our sign-up form online. You can then order online or call us and order by phone.  Feel free to call us at (415) 855-5914 if you have any questions whatsoever.

What do I need to do to become a member?

In order to legally obtain cannabis from us, you need to be a Californian with a valid doctor's recommendation.  If you meet those qualifications, you can sign up online and order online in just a few minutes.

What happened to the daily specials?

We created a program rewarding people for continuing to use our service. 3% of every order is now converted into Nice Guys Rewards which can be used to reduce the cost of your order at checkout on your next purchase. You may also accrue the benefits over time and use your rewards in the future. We offer Veteran’s and Senior’s 10% OFF daily. New Member’s receive 25% OFF their first order.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver to Marin County. If we don't deliver to your home, we would be happy to meet you at your office/place of work.  Stay tuned, more delivery areas are coming soon!

How long does delivery take?

Depending on where you're located, your order will arrive in 60 mins or less.

Do you accept credit or debit?

We accept credit/debit and cash upon delivery. For all credit/debit transactions, there is an additional 5.00 processing fee which will be processed through Bam Business Consulting.

What is your minimum order amount?

While delivery is always FREE, we do require a minimum order amount of $50 and $100 order minimum for West Marin. 

Are there First Time Patient Deals?

25% off your first order :).

What if I don't have a CA Doctor's Recommendation?

We cannot serve you without proper documentation. To become a legal patient you can visit your personal physician or you can have a virtual doctor's appointment through Get Heally The entire process takes 20 minutes or so and being evaluated costs $39 through this link5