Halloween Morning Trick or Treat Extra Special Bonus Bag



Have a Smoking Good Halloween

It’s almost Halloween and Nice Guys Delivery wants you to have a smoking good time. Keep your eye out on our site leading up to the Big Day for some spooky SPECIALS

Halloween Morning Trick or Treat Extra Special Bonus Bag

Don’t forget to check in on the 31st for our Halloween Morning Trick or Treat Extra Special Bonus Bag! If you order $150 or more on Halloween morning the BAG IS YOUR FOR ONE CENT. That’s right, a bag full of promotional gifts from Nice Guys all for the low low price of one penny!

We know that Halloween finds its roots in the pre-Christian Celtic festival of Samhain and that it was traditionally celebrated on October 31. The Celts held beliefs that the dead returned to earth to see to unfinished business on that day, and they assembled together on those cold harvest nights to light bonfires and make sacrificial offerings to ward off the dead.

We’re not interested in making any sacrifices; we’re all about getting dressed up in costumes, scoring some candy, and having some fun. Back in the day during the Celtic celebrations of Samhain, people dressed in costumes made of animal skins to frighten away phantom callers and banquet spreads were prepared and food was left out to appease undesirable spirits. Luckily for us, we don’t need animal skins for our costumes and we can go door to door with the kids if we want to feast on some candy.

And for keeping us all in high spirits, Nice Guys is offering a whole slew of exciting SPECIALS. So keep your Halloween (and Samhain) celebrations merry by plenty of treats around for all of those tricks.