What is Aunt Zelda all about?


Aunt Zelda's

While we Californians have enjoyed legal access to cannabis, both recreational and medicinal, for several years now, the federal prohibition of marijuana and its products drags on. Cannabis remains on the books as a Schedule 1 narcotic, a classification that greatly limits legitimate scientific research into the potential medical benefits of marijuana. Despite these roadblocks, pioneering entrepreneurs like Mara Gordon, co-founder of Aunt Zelda’s, have not been deterred in their mission to bring data-driven medical marijuana solutions to a variety of patients in need.

Gordon co-founded Aunt Zelda’s in 2011 to provide medical cannabis products to patients seeking relief from a variety of ailments. Her mission was to bring a scientific modality that had, in her mind, been lacking due to marijuana’s federal legal status.

Up to that point, arguments against the use of medical marijuana always boiled down to, “There’s not enough scientific research to support legalization.” The ironic twist, of course, was that classifying cannabis as a Schedule 1 narcotic prohibited widespread research to bring actual data to the fore. Gordon saw a need in the marketplace to bring patients seeking treatment for illnesses ranging from anxiety and insomnia, to fibromyalgia and cancer, a safe and scientifically backed plant-based medical cannabis solution.

Gordon’s leadership in the industry since 2011 has led to a revolution in data-driven research into the vast clinical potentials for cannabis and derivative products. This leadership is on display in the variety of medicinal products offered by Aunt Zelda’s in our online store.

Of particular interest are Aunt Zelda’s infused organic olive oils. They use a standardized process to heat the olive oil in order to decarboxylate the cannabinoids, and preserve terpenes, to produce a pure infusion. They formulate their products for a number of different applications, ranging from gentle anxiety treatment, to stronger pain relief solutions.

Our favorite of Aunt Zelda’s infused olive oil products right now is their “Weed The People” 1:1 formulation, balancing equal doses of THC and CBD to produce an easy introduction to the user who may have a sensitivity to the psychoactive properties in stronger THC products. This oil was developed in honor of the groundbreaking documentary, Weed The People, an award-winning film that takes a deep dive into the current and often heartbreaking state of affairs surrounding the challenges facing patients patients who are most in need of the benefit of medical marijuana treatment.

You can get Aunt Zelda’s “Weed The People” 1:1 Infused Olive Oil in our online shop, along with a wide selection of other Aunt Zelda’s oils, topicals, and extracts. You can stream Weed The People on Netflix right now. Sounds to us like a winning combination for a relaxing and educational night at home.