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There's a First Time for Everything

You’re curious and we’ve got answers: we’re here to help. We’ve got all the data you need to make an informed decision about cannabis and what is right for you. If you can’t find the information you are looking for here on our site, please reach out to one of our Nice Guys Budtenders during business hours and we’ll hook you up on a path to finding your own good feels. Call (415) 855-5914 or email us or just click the chat button to the right (during business hours) if you’d like some help ordering.

We’re here to put you in control. Some people may have had or heard of bad experiences with cannabis because they remember that brownie someone gave them back in high school — but the world has changed. Now, there are more ways to consume cannabis, and more products targeting things like sleep issues, depression, and anxiety. It’s never been easier to control dosage, so you can have the positive experience you’ve always heard about.

Since November 2016, recreational cannabis has been legal in California. We set the trend, and as of this writing it’s legal in 34 states. If you are 21 years old or older, you can legally purchase cannabis and have it delivered right to your door.

If you’re ready to start exploring, check out our store. But we created this page as your introduction to cannabis, so read on below for more details.


There are thousands of strains of cannabis, each with its own special qualities. Cannabis can be grown in nearly any environment where it can get sun, water, and is not too cold, and there are at least as many types of cannabis as there are climates to grow it in. Cannabis also lends itself nicely to indoor horticulture, and there are certain strains that excel indoors. There are three main distinctions between the strains, as follows:


For when you really want to RELAX and…

  • Destress
  • Mellow out
  • Watch a movie
  • Take a bath
  • Sleep
  • Be less anxious



For when you want to find BALANCE.

Hybrid strains can lean towards Indica or Sativa in their effects, and – if you find the right blend for you – can offer just the appropriate effects you might be looking for in a strain. Ask your Budtender what Hybrid is right for you. 



For when you really want to BE ALERT and…

  • Hang with friends
  • Be creative
  • Be uplifted
  • Have energy
  • Relieves headaches and nausea


The Flower's Path

Most strains of cannabis used in smoking are what are known as sinsemilla. The word sinsemilla comes from the Spanish words “sin” (“without”) and “semilla” (“seed”). It translates to “without seeds”. Contrary to commonly held beleif, sinsemilla cannabis does not refer to a specific strain; it just means that the flower used is without seeds. This is achieved by keeping the male plants separate from the female plants, keeping the female flower unfertilized.

Unfertilized female plants don’t produce seeds, and spend their energy on producing resin to attract pollen instead. As a result, seedless buds have much higher levels of cannabinoids and aromatic substances—they are more potent and will taste better.

Generally, the male plants are not cultivated for smoking, but they do come in handy for creating hybrids.

growing marijuana

Grown Naturally

California’s climate produces the world's finest wines, and it’s also ideal for growing the best cannabis. We cultivate personal relationships with our growers to uphold our high standards and values.

Big marijuana buds


California’s harvest season is a flurry of activity as the region’s artisan growers painstakingly gather their crops, handpick the mature flower, and send their bounty along to a curing facility.

drying buds


After harvest, the cannabis is dried in environmentally controlled curing rooms. Over several weeks, humidity and temperature are closely monitored and adjusted.

test buds


When the cannabis is finished curing, it is then purchased by a licensed distributor who is responsible for sending samples to a licensed testing facility to ensure it's contaminant-free and safe to consume.


Delivered to Your Door

After it’s tested and packaged, the cannabis arrives at our facility and we make it available to you, our family of customers. Once you place your order, a friendly driver follows our strict COVID-safety guidelines when delivering it right to you!

Finally, we recommend cannabis use with a friend. Friends always help make things more fun, especially when you can share a new experience together. We hope that your first forays into cannabis are safe and fun. Enjoy!

Still Have Questions?

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