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Nice Guys Celebrates Mothers



Mom. Mãe. мама. Mum. Mère. Ummi. Mzaa. 


Mother’s Day is an annual opportunity for families to recognize the contributions of the mothers and mother figures in their lives. The first official Mother’s Day celebration was orchestrated by Anna Jarvis in May 1908, and was “conceived…as a way of honoring the sacrifices mothers made for their children”. Today, Mother’s Day is observed in more than 50 nations around the world, including Italy, Finland, Belgium, Australia, and Switzerland.


For this year’s Mother’s Day, the Nice Guys team wanted to introduce you to some of the special mothers in our lives:


  • Employee: Chelsea
  • Mom or Mom Figure: Marilena, Chelsea’s Aunt
  • About Chelsea’s Aunt: “Marilena is my maternal aunt. I have always been incredibly close to her. She was a hairdresser when I was younger and I credit her with all my at-home hair makeovers. Haha! My aunt is one of, if not the most incredible women that I know. She is a single mother of two adopted boys and has taken care of my grandmother for as long as I can remember. After being laid off about 10 or so years ago, she put herself through school, became a paralegal, and has now come full circle and is working in the field that she was laid off from so many years ago. My aunt has handled every single hurdle with grace and determination. I don’t know how she does what she does but she inspires me to continue setting goalsand pursuing the things that I want. She has shown me that it’s all possible!”


  • Employee: Andi
  • Mom or Mom Figure: Deanna, Andi’s Mom
  • About Andi’s Mom: “My mom is the best human I know. She is accepting, brave, caring, dedicated, energetic, fancy, goofy, honest, inspiring, kind, loving, mindful, nosy, opinionated, protective, quirky, real, spiritual, thoughtful, unafraid, vivacious, witty, and zealous.” 



  • Employee: Jeanette
  • Mom or Mom Figure: Susan, Jeanette’s Nonnie
  • About Jeanette’s Grandmother: “Susan is my grandmother, my Nonnie. She helped raise me for part of my childhood and is the only mother figure I’ve ever had. She was so caring and supportive. She would go out of her way to take me and my siblings on fun weekend trips, all of my favorite family memories are of these times spent together. Beaches, museums, camping trips. She also made sure we had things to do at home, and encouraged play and imagination.”


“She is an incredibly hard worker and has shown me that with this hard work, there are ways to live life outside of the norms. That your own company is the best company. That it is important to care for the ones you love, but not at the detriment of yourself.”


  • Employee: Mark
  • Mom or Mom Figure: Angie, Mark’s Mom
  • About Mark’s Mom: “My mom is the sweetest lady you will ever meet. She brightens up the room as soon as she enters. She spent most of her adulthood raising me and my 2 brothers while my father worked. She now works in a preschool and looks after 3-year-olds. That shows how awesome my mother is. One of my best friends, and will always be :)”

other mothers

Other Mothers


Besides our own moms, there’s another mother responsible for bringing us here: Female Cannabis plants!


Ironically enough, even cannabis plants start off as mothers. Many of you enthusiasts already know this, but it seemed fitting to share that the female cannabis plant is responsible for producing the flowers we all love. Seeds are produced in female plants, and male plants pollinate females to initiate this production. Growers typically keep male plants and females apart, lest the female plants become fertilized and expend their energy-producing seeds instead of flowers. 


Support for Mothers

In these increasingly complex and uncertain times, Nice Guys is grateful for the ongoing support of members like you. As responsible business owners, we strive for a holistic relationship between our company, community, and the culture we are collectively creating. In support of mothers and other survivors of domestic violence, Nice Guys is proud to sponsor the Center for Domestic Peace’s (C4DP) “In Celebration of Mothers Luncheon”, to be held on Friday, May 10, from 11am-2pm at Peacock Gap Clubhouse

Can’t attend? Donate to the Center for Domestic Peace instead and email a copy of your receipt to [email protected]. As a thank you, we’ll send you a code for 25% off your next order!