A Note to Pet Owners from Mrs Nice Gal, Monica



I adopted her off the side of Highway 1 in Redondo Beach in 2012. She was only 4 months old but had already gone through two foster families and had obviously been abused. Deathly afraid of loud noises, sudden movements, men and small children, Diamond (who was originally Jade), had gone through a lot at such a young age.

I brought her up to Marin and hired the amazing doggie trainer Theopina Brossard (IG – @refinedk9) who was able to train me on how to handle and calm her down through working on myself, (It’s really the owner most of the time and not the animal). Through training, and constant work on her and I, we both found our peace, regained our confidence and we were able to take care of each other for the past seven years. Her taking care of me more than the other way around.

Diamond’s momma instincts kicked in and was there for me through all the discomforts of pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding with our first son. And then our second. She was wonderful with our two boys. She was with us through building this business and has been a staple of fur love and support at our offices for not only myself, but for all our 25 Nice Guys employees family members for the last two years.


Her left eye started to water in November of 2019. We thought it was allergies. She started to have issues eating. We thought it was an infected tooth. We brought her into the Veterinarian. They went in and cleaned her teeth but did not see an infection. We saw a bump under her left eye. They thought it was an infection in the gums. They prescribed an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory. The medicine was not working. The bump grew. I changed Vets. The new vet immediately confirmed it was a tumor. She was already bleeding from the mouth. After a CT-scan and a biopsy, it was confirmed that she had a sarcoma tumor that had grown into her nasal cavity and jaw. The cancer was in her bones and she was dying.

She was only 7 years old.

During the last month before she passed we had her on her prescribed pain medication, in addition to VETCBD’s 10-1. I started to do research to see if I could naturally “cure her”. I tried Tumeric, Flaxseed oil, cottage cheese…there are some really great articles out there. But, it was too late for her.

I wanted to write this as a memorial for her and also to remind pet owners that cannabis is not only a medicine for humans but is also a medicine for our furry friends. Diamond had so much relief from taking her 10:1 during her final days. It’s not only great for pain and anxiety relief but also works as a preventative medicine. We are now giving our two remaining dogs the 20:1 VETCBD daily.

Rest in Peace my beautiful Diamond:

❤️ Monica

September 2012-January 24th, 2020.