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Cannabinoid Content Disclaimer

The cannabinoid percentages (including THC, CBD, and others) displayed on this website are merely approximations of average cannabinoid percentages typical for the products. Additionally, the designations of sativa, indica, and hybrid are provided based on brand specifications and may vary across different brands. These designations should serve as a general guide and may not fully represent the effects or genetics of each product. Nice Guys Delivery cannot guarantee any cannabinoid percentages or product designations, due to the organic nature of the products and brand differences. In accordance with California regulations, each cannabis product is labeled with at least the THC and CBD content and verified by the certificate of analysis issued by a licensed testing laboratory pursuant to Business and Professions Code section 19344. Nice Guys Delivery has no control over the cannabinoid content or the sativa/indica/hybrid designations provided by brands. We are committed to transparency and strive to provide the most accurate information possible to our customers while acknowledging these inherent variations.