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“Simply Stoneade cannabis beverages offer a smooth and impeccable high, paired with rich flavor that is intended to be savored. The line is also designed for ease of consumption, portability and affordability. Like all Einstone’s products, it is scientifically-conceived and inspired by ancient herbal remedies and the infusions were designed for their mood-based benefits. Each drink is infused with synergistic ingredients and terpene blends that provide targeted results for wellness-seeking consumers.”

Simply Stoneade Is The Perfect Relaxation Tool

Have you ever tried a cannabis-infused beverage? Maybe you’re curious about cannabis but don’t want to inhale smoke into your lungs — that’s okay. In today’s legal cannabis market there are plenty of delivery methods for you to choose from that allow you to enjoy the positive effects of marijuana without ever worrying about harming your lungs.

There is a product called Simply Stoneade that we enjoy mixing into a mocktail. It comes in a few flavors that taste really good by themselves or you can add it to your favorite drink mix.

At Nice Guys we like to keep it simple. Our mocktail is started by getting a small glass and filling it with crushed ice. Then we add in our Simply Stoneade, add a splash of sparkling water, a slice of lemon, and then we enjoy.

If you are a first-time consumer I don’t recommend mixing the entire drink mix to start. Start slow and dose low. Mix a little and then wait 45–60 minutes to see if you should make another one. Cannabis is an amazing plant that is safe but every person experiences it different so it’s important to know your limits before over doing it.

We are interested in learning about your mocktail recipes. Comment below with your favorite cannabis-infused mixtures.

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