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Nice Guys Delivery’s Commitment to Local Businesses


Strengthening Communities: Nice Guys Delivery’s Commitment to Local Businesses

In an age of convenience-driven consumerism, the power of community and local commerce often take a back seat. Yet, amidst the relentless march of national and international brands, there are enclaves of solidarity that continue to thrive due to a commitment to the local ethos. Nice Guys Delivery is one such bastion of community support, using our position as the premium Marin County Cannabis Delivery to be the heartbeat of local businesses and non-profits is central to their mission.

The Local Flavor

Nice Guys Delivery isn’t just another company; it’s a part of the neighborhood. We understand that each bag of cannabis that we deliver isn’t just a product; it’s part of a story. It’s a part of the fabric that makes our towns vibrant and unique.

As a local delivery service, we’re fortunate to work with several local restaurants, bars, and independent shops. This has brought us closer to the heartbeat of the local economy. While it’s easy to pine for the mainstays and promotional discounts of big-box chains, there’s an irreplaceable charm to the local spots—the warmth with which the barista remembers your usual, the passion of the chef who personally sources each ingredient. We’ve become intimately acquainted with a roster of beloved local spots, and it’s our pleasure to highlight a few.

Where We Eat and Socialize

Ounces Outdoors, San Rafael

An emblem of sustainable living, Ounces Outdoors not only serves mouth-watering cuisine but also advocates for ethical sourcing and environmental conservation. Their dedication to quality and conscious consumption is a testament to their role as a community custodian.

Tam Commons, San Rafael

Tam Commons Tap Room + Kitchen is located in a National Historic Landmark building on 4th street in Downtown San Rafael, CA. They offer 34 taps with a unique selection of hand-crafted beers from all over the world and a full menu of internationally inspired grub. Taps are constantly rotating to provide an original and always changing selection of beers from right here in Marin to breweries from all around the globe. In addition to the selection of beers available, we also offer a well curated selection of wines, classic & craft cocktails…and yes…Kombucha! From the kitchen, they bring our collective food experiences and memories to your table.

The Junction, Mill Valley

The Junction elegantly weaves rustic charm with contemporary cuisine, catering to the eclectic preferences of its patrons. More than a renowned eatery, it’s a cultural meeting point where the community spirit runs deep.

Creekside, San Anselmo

This local gem rests on the banks of a tranquil creek, offering a serene backdrop for its delectable fare. The Creekside experience encapsulates the essence of community connection—nourishing both body and soul. And not to mention the Pizza is DELICIOUS!

The Log Cabin, San Anselmo

Steeped in history and nostalgia, The Log Cabin serves up a fantastic atmosphere for a drink or a place to throw an event meanwhile  supporting our local Veterans. It’s a touchstone for community memory, inviting residents to partake in its timeless traditions.

Farm Shop, Larkspur

Fusing farm-to-table philosophy with modern culinary creativity, Farm Shop is a beacon of innovation within the local dining scene. It’s a treasured haven for food enthusiasts and quality seekers.

Loveski, Larkspur

Loveski is more than a culinary hotspot; it’s a sanctuary for the senses that celebrates the artisanship of cooking. It’s here that the community converges to savor exquisite meals and create lasting memories.

Sour Kid Cafe, San Rafael

For the aficionados of caffeinated bliss, Sour Kid Coffee offers an exceptional brew in an artistic setting. It’s a place that not only wakes you up but also connects you with the pulse of the neighborhood.

Community Fitness Hotspots

Wellness is an essential aspect of community vitality, and local gyms and studios play a pivotal role. Our team swears by these fitness sanctuaries, recognizing their dedication to the health and happiness of the community.

Fitlab, Fairfax

Fitlab is more than a gym; it’s a holistic fitness haven that fosters personal growth and community bonding. With its diverse range of classes and supportive environment, it’s a catalyst for healthier, happier lives.

Red Dragon Yoga, San Rafael

The revered practices of yoga and mindfulness converge at Red Dragon, offering a respite for the overworked souls of Marin. Its serene ambiance and skilled instructors guide practitioners toward holistic wellness.

Hot Yoga Republic, San Rafael

Hot Yoga Republic’s dynamic approach to yoga ignites passion and vigor within its members. Their focus on physical prowess and mental fortitude resonates with the community’s desire for a balanced and empowered lifestyle.

Blacksheep, Fairfax

A bastion of high-intensity training and fitness innovation, Blacksheep challenges its members to reach new heights. Their unconventional methods and community events make it a hotspot for local athletes of all levels.

Nurturing the Non-Profit Spirit

The spirit of giving back is integral to any community, and non-profits are on the front lines, bridging gaps and supporting those in need. At Nice Guys Delivery, we recognize the invaluable work of non-profit organizations and actively support their noble causes.

Center for Domestic Peace

The Center for Domestic Peace is a lifeline for individuals and families affected by domestic violence. Their multifaceted support programs and advocacy efforts provide a safe harbor for those in distress.

Marin Community Foundation

An engine for community development, the Marin Community Foundation funds a myriad of initiatives that address local needs. Their impactful philanthropy steers the community towards a brighter, more equitable future.

PNOC (Pediatric Nursing Outreach Committee)

PNOC’s mission to provide the highest quality nursing services to medically fragile children reinforces the community’s role in caring for its most vulnerable members. Their dedication to compassionate healthcare enriches the fabric of community support.

Zero Breast Cancer

Committed to breast cancer prevention through identification of environmental factors, Zero Breast Cancer leads pioneering research that benefits not only the local community but also the global fight against this devastating disease.

Marin County's Delivery Service teams up with Zero Breast Cancer
Marin County’s Delivery Service teams up with Zero Breast Cancer

Fashion, Art, and More: Supporting Local Retail

As Marin County’s Premier Cannabis Delivery, Local retail isn’t just a place to buy goods; it’s a cultural exchange that enriches community life. Nice Guys proudly endorses these local shops, recognizing the passion and craftsmanship they bring to the table.

Tommy Breeze

Tommy Breeze’s eclectic fashion selections and commitment to sustainable clothing offer a refreshing alternative to fast fashion. Their community-centric approach to style sets a new standard for conscious retail.

The Mighty Quinn

More than a menswear mecca, The Mighty Quinn is a destination for quality and distinctive style. Their curated collections and personalized service redefine the retail experience in favor of local charm.

Ceceilia’s Gardens Fruit Stand, Mill Valley

A family-owned enclave of fresh produce and local goods, Ceceilia’s Gardens Fruit Stand is a treasure trove of natural bounty. Its commitment to the local agricultural ecosystem is a celebration of community and health.

Pet Pro, San Rafael

Pet Pro isn’t just for the furry friends of the community; it’s a resource for pet owners eager to provide the best for their companions. Their dedication to pet health and happiness resonates with the community’s love for animals.

Fog Campers, Fairfax

Fog Campers supplies the tools for adventure that the Marin community thrives on. Their outdoor gear and expertise in camping excursions provide locals with the means to connect with nature and each other.

The Ripple Effect of Local Support

At the core of Nice Guys Delivery is a belief in the ripple effect of local support. By enriching the lives of these local businesses and non-profits, we know that the community as a whole benefits. Each meal delivered, each purchase made, each contribution to a non-profit resonates on a deeper level, strengthening the bond that unites us all.

Our commitment to localism isn’t mere rhetoric; it’s a lived experience of better communities, thriving businesses, and shared prosperity. The next time you’re looking for an evening out, a new outfit, or a way to give back, consider the local options. You’ll find that in supporting them, you’re also supporting yourself and the community you cherish.

Nice Guys Delivery is more than a Marin County Cannabis Delivery service; we’re a part of a living, breathing community. Our ties to local businesses run deep, and it’s our privilege to share a few of our favorite destinations with you. We invite you to continue this chain of support, strengthening the inner workings of your community one local choice at a time. Remember, every dollar spent locally is an investment in the place you call home.

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