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Celebrating Women in Cannabis for Women’s History Month


Nice Guys Delivery Celebrates Women's History Month

March is Women’s History Month, and this year we want to take the time to recognize the incredible contributions that women have made to the cannabis industry. The cannabis industry is growing rapidly, and while there are still some gender disparities, women are making their mark on the industry in a big way. In this blog post, we’ll explore how women are making history in cannabis, and what they’re doing to break down barriers and make sure that everyone has access to safe and effective cannabis products. 

The Cannabis Industry is Growing Quickly – with Women at the Forefront 

Cannabis has been around for centuries, but it’s only recently become legal in many places across the United States. As such, the industry is still relatively new – but it’s growing quickly! According to Forbes Magazine, North American sales of legal cannabis products hit $10.8 billion in 2018 – up from just $6.9 billion in 2017. And according to Marijuana Business Daily, women now make up 36% of all U.S.-based cannabis business owners – up from just 27% a year ago! Clearly, more and more women are entering the legal cannabis space and making their mark on the industry. 

Women Pioneers Making an Impact

There are dozens of inspiring female entrepreneurs who have helped shape the legal cannabis market into what it is today. From dispensary owners like Jessica Billingsley (co-founder of Akerna Corp) to product developers like Amanda Jones (founder of Cannabistry Labs), there are plenty of inspiring stories out there about how these female pioneers have helped make history in this growing market. These women have faced plenty of obstacles along the way – including stereotypes about marijuana use as well as challenges related to finding financing – but they persevered and succeeded despite these challenges! 

Breaking Down Barriers & Making Cannabis Accessible for All

In addition to pioneering businesses within the legal marijuana market, these female entrepreneurs have also worked hard to break down barriers and make sure that everyone has access to safe and effective cannabis products. For example, many dispensaries owned by women prioritize hiring diverse staff members so that customers from all backgrounds feel welcome when visiting their stores. Under the leadership of our very own Ms. Nice Gal, Monica Gray, Nice Guys Delivery promotes an equitable workplace by paying employees fair wages and providing opportunities for professional development. Additionally, many female-owned companies focus on producing high-quality products at accessible price points so that everyone can benefit from marijuana without breaking their budget or feeling intimidated by high prices or fancy packaging.  You can find many of our women-owned brands below!

Nice Guys also Proudly Features Women-owned Brands

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