2021 Trend Developments in California’s Cannabis Market


As the cannabis market in California grows and prospers, new jurisdictions and guidelines arise, leading to new competition popping up everywhere. While the uncertainty of 2020 will still linger as the pandemic continues, the cannabis market in California is not expected to dwindle. It is expected that the 2021 cannabis market will continue to grow and become a more impactful industry.

Access to Financial Services

The U.S. Senate is likely to pass legislation that allows cannabis businesses access to traditional financial services. A game-changer for the industry, valuations are expected to increase and transactions are expected to become smoother. Business owners will be able to expand their footprint and capacity with new affordable debt solutions, allowing them to compete with bigger players on the market.

More Cultivation Opportunities

Agricultural counties throughout California are expected to liberalize their policies on cannabis cultivation in 2021. By permitting more acreage for cannabis fields and streamlining to permit process, both growing companies and retailers will benefit from the increase in opportunities.

New Retail But More Business Turmoil

In an attempt to fill budget gaps, cities and counties may revisit opening up to cannabis retail storefront and delivery services. New dispensaries are expected to incite innovations, consumer education, and more sales. However, the changes in taxation and regulations may cause some businesses to struggle. In some cases, smaller establishments may get bought out by bigger brands to eliminate competition.

Prices May Drop

While growing demand may continue its upward trend, the increase in fully licensed cultivators in California could lead to price drops. Cannabis remains one of the most profitable crops on a per-acre basis. Premium flowers and other high-quality products may be an exception.

Quarantine-Effected Consumption Continues

As residents throughout California seek relief from the stress of the pandemic, consumption is expected to continue to rise. With an eye-popping array of new items on the market, consumers are able to spend more on these unique items. By the end of 2021, cannabis beverages are expected to dominate the market, competing with mainstream alcoholic brands.

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